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The personal wiki & knowledge base for all my general knowledge gained over time in the ICT industry.

About me

Mid 20's-ish guy, born & raised in Australia - currently working as a full-time ICT Coordinator for a secondary college.
Enthusiast VPS idler as well as a massive fan of docker & docker-compose, don't be surprised to find 90% of my guides involving docker in some shape or form.

About this website

This website is built on Mkdocs-Material & hosted on Cloudflare pages. Big thanks to liang2kl for his mkdocs-blogging-plugin which allowed me to set this site up a bit more as a blog/article rather than as a pure documentation site, while still being built on a nice static site generator.

The articles on this website are probably written by me at 1am on a work night so please bear with me if they contain typos, formatting issues or just straight up incorrect information. If you do find anything out of place or incorrect on the site please feel free to contact me.